Chicago and Suburbs, Lake Geneva, Milwaukee Storyteller Wedding Photographer


The photos that bring you back when time snuck by: remember the intimacy, fun, happiness. Feel the laughter, feel the forgotten breaths, feel the atmosphere. See what you didn’t, surprise yourself, overflow with joy, the unexpected laugh, the happy cry, smile with excitement, know how love feels, see the emotion. This is who you are, the story of your life.

Let me tell your story from the beginning of the day when you’re nervous to the dance when you lay your head on each other and realize what the day means and you’re having the time of your life. Let me tell the little stories in between the ones you don’t know that are happening, let me bring you back to that place when time seemed like it stood still or that went so fast it’s all just a blur.

Your album is your love story on paper. The album is what carries on throughout your life, in several years, you’ll be pulling it out for all to see! I like to keep things simple when it comes to albums. Only 3 sizes are offered and simple covers so that they endure the lifetime they’re meant to! I make sure the images make a statement not the album or the design.

My shooting philosophy is simple, make things easy on everyone on the wedding day. I make sure you have some amazing portraits as a couple while getting the entire day. I know what’s important to you, it’s the connection between you and your partner and that’s what I’m capturing throughout the day.

I can’t wait to talk with you about your day whether formal, casual or something in between! Go ahead and contact me, I know you want to!

Coverage for 9 hours including reprinting rights starts at $2,295 but there are discounts for non-Saturday weddings and other times of year. Typical investment is around $3,200 that includes engagement session, coverage and album. Please email me for details! Travel packages available!

Individual sessions, such as engagements begin at $349.